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17 years of experience in Property Management and Real Estate, along with cutting-edge technology make us the best choice for your needs.
Homeworx not only delivers the quality service you expect, we take it to the next level.
Earn a maximum return on your investment each month while your property continues to appreciate in value.
We manage over 650 properties totaling more than $175,000,000.00 in real estate value.
Contact us to learn more about our property management services for homeowners and investors.

Professional Service is the Difference

Our management philosophy is centered around effective communication. Our friendly staff is available seven days a week to handle any issues that may arise while managing your property.

When we have procured an interested potential client, our management team performs required background, employment, and credit checks on all applicable tenants. Our goal is to reduce problems during a lease by performing as much due-diligence as possible before a lease agreement is signed. Once a tenant moves into a property, we handle all aspects of managing the property for the property owner.

We encourage our tenants to set up ACH (direct deposit) rental payments. While we can not require tenants to use this payment method, the large majority of our tenants choose to use ACH because it makes life easier on them as well. Provided our tenants pay on time, we pay our owners via ACH on the 10th of the month which is well ahead of the industry standard.

We Bring the Applicants!

We bring maximum exposure to our rental properties by making significant investments in marketing on the Internet. You can visit any major search engine and find our Website and properties using key phrases such as "homes for lease in Oklahoma City" (or Dallas, Tulsa, etc). You will find our properties listed on the top Internet portals and directory services that potential tenants use when looking for rental houses.

By virtue of our marketing, we work with a large potential client base. While we work with local renters, a large portion of our client base are tenants who are relocating to Oklahoma and Texas from out-of-state. We work with staff and players from our local professional sports team(s), but the majority of our clients are professionals in the energy, medical, and aviation industries. Many of these clients need to lease a home for a year while looking for more permanent housing, possibly the house they rent from us, while getting to know the metro area.

Because of our strong marketing efforts and network presence, we are able to more than make up for our management fees. Our efforts lead to greater rent income potential than would otherwise be realized by an individual property owner or real estate agent.

For the benefit of our property owners, we do not charge any money out of pocket. Our fees are taken from rental income from the tenants. Prior to us having secured a tenant for your property, you can be released from your agreement with no questions asked and no liability on your part.

While marketing your property, here are some examples of what we do to quickly and effectively lease your home:

  • List your property on national Websites and Search Engines.
    • Google
    • Bing
    • Yahoo
    • Rentals.Com
    • Realtor.Com
    • Craigslist
    • Trulia
    • Zillow
    • ... and a network of 15+ other directories.
  • Online Virtual Tours and Extensive Photos.
  • Market our brand with local Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Dallas publishers.
  • Advertise your property in the local Real Estate Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
  • Place Yard Signs on available properties.
  • Schedule and show your rental properties to prospective renters.

All of our marketing leads to our Website, making it one of the most visited Property Management Websites in all of the metros we represent.

We Fix the Problem AND Save You Money

All maintenance issues are handled by our staff. Our maintenance services are available 24/7 and we charge $45.00 to 55.00 per hour for general maintenance issues. Larger projects will be done on a fixed bid basis.

If a maintenance issue requires a specific mechanical license, such as a HVAC or plumbing license, we have good vendor relationships and send a volume of business to companies that do a great job for us. In return for that volume of business, we are charged wholesale rates. This allows us to pass the savings on to our property owners. Some of our competitors choose to make a profit from licensed service vendors, but that is not how we do business.

Let Us Handle the Details

Starting 90 days prior to the end of a lease term, our staff is in constant contact with tenants. We work closely with them to determine their intentions once the lease has ended.

We find out if they want to renew the lease, renew short term, purchase the property being leased, or move out. If the tenant desires to purchase the house, and if the property owner is willing to sell, our affiliated mortgage company will work hard to get a great rate on a loan for the tenant.

If the tenant will not renew the lease, we market the property to new tenants within 45 days of the scheduled move out. A property typically takes 3 - 4 weeks to lease (higher end properties may take longer to lease). This process allows us to have little to no vacancy in our properties.

We Love High-Tech

Worx Property Management is a technology driven company. All property owners and tenants have access to our company Intranet. This internal Web site provides all kinds of ledger, maintenance tracking, task management, and other important functions that can be viewed by our clients. All important documents are scanned and uploaded to this system. All of this information is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • All pertinent documents such as lease agreements, invoices, maintenance requests, and related docs are uploaded to the Intranet where property owners can view and/or download at any time.
  • Run financial reports on your properties at your convenience.
  • Verify received rental payments.
  • Receive notifications when rent is late.

Turnkey Solutions

Worx Property Management exists under the same umbrella of companies as HomeWorx Real Estate and Next Generation Renovation.

Home Sales

HomeWorx Realtors receive several calls per month from people interested in leasing a property. This situation is a great lead generator for prospective tenants. Worx Property Management will work with these prospective tenants and rent our managed properties to them. HomeWorx will also keep you informed of any great investment properties we find that may be of interest to you. And if you decide to sell any of your properties, HomeWorx will provide full-service listings without the traditional 6% fee.

The HomeWorxUSA.Com Website is a great place to feature your properties. As one of the OKC metro's most highly trafficked Websites, we provide great exposure to properties for lease or sale. Your properties will be presented in an attractive format and our presentation will encourage potential tenants to contact us to schedule a showing.

Maintenance and Renovation

Our team at Next Generation improves property assets for our investor property owners. From cosmetic updates such as flooring, bathroom and kitchen remodels, exterior renovation, and full restoration, no job is too big or too small. Our expert team will ensure that the budget fits the asset, always keeping return on investment the number one focus of the project.