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Lease Application FAQ

How much are the application fees on rental homes at Homeworx Property Management?

Our application fee is $39.

We require separate applications for each occupant over the age of 18 who will be residing in the property, regardless of whether as a leaseholder or as an occupant. We accept all forms of payment except cash.

You must include payment when submitting your application on a home for rent.

How does the application process work on houses for rent?

We request verification of income. Paychecks, bank statements showing deposits, tax return, W2, verifiable letter on company letterhead, or benefit letters are examples of acceptable documents.

We also run a comprehensive credit report. We do not have a set score we require, rather we look at the entire credit history. We complete a criminal background report.

We will also obtain rental history verification pertaining to past and present rental homes from your current landlord and/or previous property managers.

Will I need a co-signer to rent a house?

If you need a co-signer, that person will need to also fill out an application and complete the process.

You may be asked to have a co-signer if you have poor credit history, income that is difficult to verify, or other circumstances of that nature.

How long does the application process on the average house for rent take?

Once we receive your application, we will send you an email detailing any supporting documentation you need to submit, as well as instructions on how to release your background and credit reports to us.

We also contact previous landlords in order to determine your history of home rentals. The length of time the process takes is dependent upon how quickly we receive all the documentation from you and your current or previous property management companies.

What if there are multiple applications for the home I want?

If there is more than one set of approved applications for a property, the homeowner makes the decision. It is usually based on factors such as move-in date, pets, who can secure the property the quickest, etc.

Your approval is also valid for all houses for rent of equal or lesser value.

Can I transfer my application to any house for rent with Homeworx Property Management?

Yes, your application is valid for any of the properties we manage. There is no need to submit additional applications or fees!

How long is my application valid?

Your application is valid on homes or apartments for rent with Homeworx Property Management for 60 days.

What is the pet policy for your rental homes?

You will need to check with your Realtor to see if that specific home for rent is pet-friendly or not.

Pets are not allowed without PRIOR written consent from the homeowner. For pet-friendly rental homes, the tenant will be required to pay a non-refundable pet fee and sign a Pet Addendum.

Tenants with pets are responsible for keeping the property, yards, and landscaping free of pet droppings and other pet damage. Unauthorized pets will result in a lease violation and additional fines.

Do you accept Section 8 or housing vouchers?

We are currently unable to accept Section 8 or housing vouchers of any kind on houses for rent / apartments for rent at Homeworx Property Management.