Coronavirus and Homeowner Solutions

As volatility in the Real Estate market pertaining to homes for sale continues, some homeowners are beginning to wonder what other options they might have.

Homeworx wants you to know you’re not alone.

For over 18 years, we have been here to offer both short term solutions and long-term investment options for many who have felt like they were stuck riding on the Real Estate rollercoaster.

Stop spending and start earning.

Leasing a home for sale can immediately transform your home from a liability to an asset. Convert existing mortgage, utility and maintenance costs into cash flow by listing your home for rent. We work hard to ensure top dollar rental income on your home each month while it’s value continues to appreciate.

Smaller commitment.

The responsibilities associated with a home for sale can seem overwhelming in comparison to a home for rent. As volatility in the market continues to increase, some buyers may feel safer leasing until the market levels.

Ensure maximum exposure.

Listing your home for sale and for lease at the same time can increase both buying and selling traffic. Plus, we make significant investments to marketing rental properties on the internet. Our website and properties pop up at the top when using major browser to search for key phrases like “homes for rent in Oklahoma City” (or Dallas, Tulsa etc).

No harm, no foul.

We are so confident in our abilities; our services are offered upfront risk free! Prior to us securing a tenant for your property, you can cancel our agreement with no liability.  Our fees are taken from the rental income once the lease is signed and the tenant moves in.

Families still need homes. Together we can make sure they find them. In addition, we will continue to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of clients, the homes we show, your families, and ours.